TikToker Describes Disney Park Employment

Credit: Unsplash

The former Disney cast member advised viewers not to bother cast members with unreasonable requests.

As Disney parks are some of the foremost family entertainment destinations in the world, the cast members (which is the term used for the employees) always do their best to provide excellent, endearing service. However, while a cast member is always more than happy to smile for your kids or give you helpful directions, there are some things that park guests really should not expect them to do.

A TikToker by the name of @dappermanatee recently posted a video on their profile, talking briefly about their time as a former cast member at a Disney park. According to him, guests would regularly make unreasonable, rule-breaking requests of him, and while he was obligated to provide excellent service, there were some things he simply couldn’t and wouldn’t do.

“It’s our job. We’re not here to be your friends. Don’t ask me to bend rules for you,” he said. “Don’t ask me to get you in the park. That’s the weirdest part.” Apparently, guests who saw his name tag would ask him for free admission, something he was not at liberty to give out.

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He also requested that, should a guest see a cast member who is clearly out of uniform, that they leave them be and not ask them for help or directions, as there is usually no shortage of on-duty cast members who could help them instead.

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