Tom Holland Teases Spider-Man Attraction at Disneyland

Credit: Unsplash

Disneyland is about to be covered in webs.

If there’s any upshot to Disneyland being closed due to the pandemic, it’s that the Imagineers can work on new attractions in peace for a little while. One of their major assignments at the moment is cooking up a major Marvel attraction which, despite the fact that Disney has owned Marvel properties for a while now, is still conspicuously absent from the park (unless you count that Guardians of the Galaxy ride, which is just a re-skinned Tower of Terror, so I don’t). Well, if they’re gonna have anyone headline this operation, it may as well be ol’ Web-Head himself.

According to a new teaser trailer released by Disney, Disneyland’s upcoming Avengers Campus will feature a sizable portion dedicated to Spider-Man. This sneak peak is narrated by Peter Parker himself, Tom Holland, who has been working with the Imagineers to create a truly memorable experience for guests.

“Peter has started an initiative called W.E.B., which is the worldwide engineering brigade and he is giving a presentation on this new piece of tech that they’ve invented which is the web slinger vehicle,” Holland explains. “He’s going to be giving them a tour and something goes wrong and he needs everybody to help him out and save the day.”

This web-slinger vehicle will be the crown jewel of the Spider-Man section of the campus, featuring a 3D video experience not unlike the 3D Spider-Man ride over at Universal Studios. There will also be a W.E.B.-branded gift shop nearby selling all the Spider-Man swag you could ever want.

“For me personally, that’s the most I’ve ever felt like Spider-Man, so everyone’s going to get to share that experience which is so awesome,” Holland added. “I’m just excited for it to open and I want to go ride it again.”

Whenever the Avengers Campus finally opens, it will feature multiple interactive experiences based on all your favorite Marvel heroes, including Black Panther, Doctor Strange, Ant-Man, and of course, the Avengers themselves.

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