The Best Tweets To Come From The Disney Sony Divorce

Photo Credit: Marvel/Sony PS4 Pro

In the wake of such darkness, at least we can still turn to Twitter to lift our spirits over our fallen Spiderman

Following the heartbreaking fallout between Disney and Sony, resulting in a displaced Spiderman in the world of superheroes, it seemed only natural for mourning fans to cope with the tragedy through self-deprecating humor (as one does). If you too are mourning the devastating lack of negotiation, here are some relatable tweets to lift your spirits.

All in all, it would be in the best interest of both Sony and Disney to act like the adults in this situation and give their children the life we deserve, a life where Tony Stark doesn’t die in vain, Tom Holland continues to live out the legacy he’s worked so hard for, and Spiderman 3 answers the questions left for us in Far From Home. That’s all we want.

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