Spider-Man Rejoins MCU

Credit: Sony

Someone give Tom Holland a hug. And maybe a beer.

Calling all Marvel fans, Spidey lovers, and recently depressed Avengers supporters: Sony and Disney have come to an agreement to keep Spider-Man a part of the Marvel cinematic universe. The Spider-Man franchise will finally see a third movie, and we won’t all be left in a state of terrible confusion following the ending of Spider-Man: Far From Home this past summer.

Following the incredible success of the second Spider-Man installment, Disney sought to profit more from the series. Far From Home became Sony’s highest grossing film, and Disney was pushing for a 50-50 profit share over the future films. Since Disney owns Marvel Comics and Sony owns the rights to Spider-Man, the two media conglomerates were unable to reach an agreement this past summer and announced that Spidey would be pulled from MCU. Fans freaked, Tom Holland freaked, and MCU writers everywhere scrambled to try and find solutions to massive plot holes that would be left in various movies with the sudden removal of an integral character. This week though, Disney and Sony came to a profit share agreement that would keep everyone’s friendly neighborhood hero in the world of MCU we have all come to love.

The two studios will now co-produce and co-finance the future films, and Disney agreed to a 25 percent profit share. Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced the re-join, and cleared the air regarding Sony’s separate Spidey ventures, saying “Spider-Man happens to be the only hero with the superpower to cross cinematic universes,” meaning not only do we get more Tom Holland and Zendaya screen time, but we also may see the Spiderverse series continue to grow.

And what did Tom Holland have to say about it? This Instagram post of the famous Wolf of Wall Street scene truly says it all.

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