Emma Roberts Open to More Superhero Roles After Madame Web

Credit: Unsplash

Emma Roberts has expressed her enthusiasm for taking on more superhero roles following her experience in the upcoming film Madame Web. Although her role in the movie was relatively low-key, playing Mary Parker, Roberts is eager for a chance to dive deeper into the action-packed world of comic book characters.

In a recent interview, Roberts shared her thoughts on her involvement in Madame Web, where she plays Peter Parker’s mother. “I was a civilian in Madame Web,” Roberts stated. “I loved getting to just pop in and play Peter Parker’s mom, and I love the director of that movie [S.J. Clarkson]. I had so much fun. I think that playing comic book characters is so fun. I would love to get the chance to play one that gets a little more action, maybe.”

Reflecting on her role, Roberts noted that while she didn’t don a traditional superhero costume, she found her part as Mary Parker, who spends most of her screen time pregnant with the future Spider-Man, to be heroic in its own right. “I just got to wear a nine-month pregnant belly,” she said. “Again, that is heroic! You don’t even know what that’s like.”

Roberts also expressed interest in exploring other fantastical roles. “I would also love to play a witch again — I’ve seen some witch comic book characters that I would be into,” the American Horror Story star added.

Madame Web features an ensemble cast, including Sydney Sweeney and Dakota Johnson, with varying sentiments about their experience. While Sweeney viewed the film as a crucial step in her career, Johnson candidly mentioned that the film’s reception wasn’t unexpected and reflected on the challenges of the genre.

Despite the mixed reactions from her co-stars, Roberts remains positive about her superhero journey and is open to future opportunities in the genre.

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