Euphoria Star Hunter Schafer, Arrested at NBC’s Manhattan Headquarters during Protest for Palestine

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Celebrity Arrested for Protesting

Hunter Schafer, a prominent actor in the hit series “Euphoria,” was among the group of 30 protesters arrested at NBC’s headquarters in Manhattan during President Joe Biden’s appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers earlier this week, according to Jewish Voice for Peace.
Schafer, who is 25 years old, was part of a larger gathering of over 100 demonstrators that filled the lobby at 30 Rockefeller Plaza on Monday. The protest was organized to advocate for a ceasefire in the ongoing Israel-Gaza conflict.

During the protest, Schafer and other demonstrators wore black shirts bearing the words “Ceasefire Now” and “Not in Our Name” while chanting slogans like “Let Gaza live.” As Biden’s motorcade arrived, the crowd expressed their concerns and demands.
In pictures and videos shared by Jewish Voice Peace, Schafer could be seen seated on the floor, wearing a face mask, while others held up a banner behind her that read: “Jews to Biden: Stop Arming Genocide.”
While Schafer’s representatives did not respond to requests for comment, the organizers of the protest confirmed that she, along with the others arrested, will have a court date in March.
Sonya Meyerson-Knox of Jewish Voice for Peace praised Schafer’s involvement, stating, “We commend her commitment to Palestinian freedom and to a future of justice for everyone.”
The New York Police Department confirmed that a total of 30 individuals were taken into custody and issued summonses for trespassing as a result of the demonstration.
Meanwhile, President Biden expressed optimism during his appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers, stating that he hoped for a ceasefire to be reached in the near future. He also mentioned that his national security advisor informed him that they were close to achieving this goal.


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