Euphoria Star Nika King Hilariously Jokes About Rent Concerns Amid Season 3 Delays

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Credit: Unsplash

Where is Euphoria’s Season 3?!

Euphoria fans eagerly awaiting the arrival of the show’s highly anticipated third season aren’t the only ones feeling the anticipation. Actress Nika King, known for her role as Leslie, the mother of Zendaya’s character Rue, recently took to the stage for a stand-up comedy gig where she humorously addressed the delays in the show’s return.

During her set, King jokingly expressed her need for season 3, quipping, “People are like, ‘We need season 3,’ and I’m like, bitch, I need season 3! I haven’t paid my rent in six months.” The comedic moment, shared on her TikTok account, gave fans a glimpse into King’s playful personality and her humorous take on the situation.

With HBO’s announcement last November that Euphoria would be returning for its next season in 2025, fans have been eagerly anticipating the continuation of the beloved series. However, King’s lighthearted remarks shed light on the real-life struggles actors can face between projects.

King’s stand-up routine also touched on the challenges of navigating the entertainment industry post-Euphoria, humorously sharing her experiences with the audience. Whether her comments about her career were made in jest or not, King’s candid humor resonated with fans and showcased her comedic talent beyond the screen.

While fans eagerly await the return of Euphoria, King’s comedic timing and relatable humor offer a refreshing perspective on the behind-the-scenes reality of the entertainment industry.


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