Target Begins Loyalty Program

Credit: Target

As if you weren’t already loyal enough to the almighty Target, now you make *money* for it.

At this point, Target ought to put out a new official slogan that reads: Target, making Mondays better since 1902. Unsurprisingly, Target has rolled out a rewards program to give loyal shoppers all the more reason to continue purchasing everything in the $1 section and perpetuate the incredible stereotype it has created for itself.

The program, known as Target Circle, officially went live on October 6th and anyone with any type of Target account was automatically enrolled. The free program gives shoppers 1-5% back on purchases depending on if they have Target credit cards, RedCards, or not, and can be utilized online or in store by scanning a code on your phone. But that’s not all (because it’s Target, so be prepared to be blown away, as always)! Aside from money back to use towards future purchases, Target Circle features other incentives as well including limited deals and sales, birthday gifts and the ability to engage with Target’s community building projects.

So yeah, go ahead and schedule another trip to Target, completely guilt-free. And while you’re there, let the store work its magic and say “yes” to everything that crosses your path. Including the entire Hearth and Home collection. And also every snack made by Archer Farms, because you deserve it.

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