The Perfect Brownie Pan Exists and it Bakes All Corners

Credit: Cutlery and More

If you don’t love grabbing a corner slice of a brownie, then what is wrong with you?

For those of you that are picky eaters (meaning that you prefer your brownie to have moist centers and lots of chewy edges), Amazon is selling a brownie pan that bakes only corner pieces. Yes, that’s right, ONLY CORNER PIECES! It’s time to bust out all the baking pans and fire up that oven.

Called the “Baker’s Edge Nonstick Edge Brownie Pan,” the convenient brownie pan is selling on the online retailer for $35.95. According to Amazon, the 9×12” nonstick pan fits a standard box of mix and adds two chewy edges to every brownie.

The interior walls of the pan also improve baking performance by circulating heat evenly to the pan’s middle, allowing for the areas that take longer to bake to get the perfect amount of warm loving they need. To top it off, the pan is heavy duty and non-stick, meaning it will not warp and be a lot easier to clean.  The pan also features recessed handles to give the baker an easy grab when the pan is turned upside down.

So far, the pan has been getting rave reviews on Amazon.

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