Time Will Get Twisted in Marvel’s ‘Loki’

Credit: Unsplash

Who’s up for some old-fashioned timeline shenanigans?

One of numerous lessons impressed upon me by watching lots of science fiction is that you do not mess with time. Timelines are an extremely volatile thing, and if someone isn’t constantly monitoring them, then one jerk in the time stream could cause the end of reality as we know it. As it so happens, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, there is an organization monitoring the flow of the various timelines, and they make a habit of capturing jerks who mess with time. Unfortunately, their latest jerk is the god of mischief.

In a new trailer released by Marvel, we got the first look at the upcoming Disney+ series Loki, featuring everyone’s favorite conniving demi-god wrapped up in a metaphysical pickle. If you recall, during the Avengers’ time-traveling in Avengers: Endgame, a past iteration of Loki managed to escape from SHIELD with the Tesseract in hand. That wasn’t supposed to happen, which is why the Time Variance Authority, overseers of the myriad timelines, capture Loki and put him to work righting the numerous temporal wrongs that arose from his little escapade.

Tim Hiddleston is, of course, reprising his role as Loki, and this time he’s joined by his TVA overseer Mobius A. Mobius, played by Owen Wilson. In just a few minutes of the new trailer, we get a glimpse of Loki and Mobius engaged in some serious mind games with one another, which means this should be quite the delightfully devious story.

Loki will premier on Disney+ on June 11, 2021. After Wandavision absolutely crushed ratings, and with Falcon and the Winter Soldier currently tearing it up, it’s a safe bet that this’ll be another slam dunk from the MCU.

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