Unruly Fan Stopped by Ball Girl at Dodgers Game

Credit: Unsplash

The ball girl was praised by fans for ending the fan’s romp.

I feel like there’s supposed to be a sort of unwritten contract between fans and players at a baseball game. They play the best that they can, and we sit in the stands and scream at them for striking out. It’s a working system. Unfortunately, some fans simply can’t be bothered to follow the unwritten contract, and hop the fence to go gallivanting about the field, either for the giggles or because someone bet them five bucks they couldn’t.

One such nuisance made his presence known at Sunday’s game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and Los Angeles Angels at Dodger Stadium. The unruly fan displayed some impressive disruption skills, dodging grabs and tackles and making it all the way to center field before going on the retreat from the security personnel. He then attempted to make an escape from the field by hopping the short fence on right field. However, an unexpected hero made her presence known: the Dodgers’ ball girl.

The ball girl stood in the unruly fan’s way, ready to wrestle him down. He managed to dodge her primary grab, but when he attempted to jump the fence, he left his legs unprotected. With a quick tug from the ball girl, the fan went head over heels into the stands, no visibly worse for wear, but stunned long enough to be wrestled down by security.

While television networks don’t usually air these incidents, in order to dissuade others against trying them for themselves, fans in the stands captured the moment on their phones as the ball girl’s actions circulated on social media. The name of the ball girl has not been disclosed, and it is not known if she will face any kind of discipline from stadium management, though many Twitter users sincerely hope she is praised for her actions rather than punished.

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