US Government Sues Georgia Man that Dumped Pennies in Ex-Employee’s Driveway

Credit: Unsplash

Miles Walker dumped 91,000 “oily pennies” in an ex-employee’s driveway for lodging a non-payment complaint.

In January of 2021, Georgia resident Andreas Flaten had departed his job at A OK Walker Autoworks, but had yet to receive his final paycheck of $915, and his former employer, Miles Walker was refusing to give it to him. This prompted Flaten to file a formal complaint with the US Department of Labor for wage theft. Under threat of government action, Walker decided to pay what he owed, albeit in the pettiest way he could think of: by dumping roughly 91,000 pennies, which were noted to have a rather oily texture, onto Flaten’s driveway.

Walker may have shot himself in the foot with this act of childlike defiance, however, as in drawing the attention of the Department of Labor with his refusal to pay and subsequent stunt, he prompted an investigation into his company. After roughly a year, this investigation has morphed into a lawsuit from the Department of Labor itself that accuses Walker for regularly withholding employee pay and refusing to pay overtime. Walker is now on the hook for failure to pay, as well as a count of illegal retaliation in the case of the penny dumping.

Following the penny incident, the reviews for Walker’s company took a nosedive, while Walker himself remained firm in his stance online, decrying any criticism as “cancel culture” and regularly making nasty remarks about Flaten. As for Flaten, he’s happy to have the government’s support in this matter, and he doesn’t especially care what Walker thinks of him. He does, however, still have a massive stain on his driveway’s pavement left by the oily pennies.

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