Peacock Releases First Trailer for ‘Bel-Air’

Credit: Unsplash

The Prince is still fresh, but quite a bit more than that as well.

If you recall the theme song to The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and I dare you to find someone who doesn’t, you’ll remember that the reason Will was sent to Bel-Air was that he got in a fight with a gang on a basketball court in Philadelphia. While the original show played that for laughs, in reality, such an event would undoubtedly worry one’s family and potentially upend their life. So what would happen if Will’s family took such an event a little more seriously?

Today, NBC’s streaming platform Peacock released the first trailer for Bel-Air, a reimagining of The Fresh Prince setting intended to play the circumstances of young Will Smith to straight, dramatic effect. The show is set in the modern day, with all of the societal climate shifts that come with that, so while it won’t exactly be a humorous affair, it will have an important message to convey.

“You can have this Black family that has struggles, but you never doubt that they love each other — and that there can be conflict that’s organic without being too sensational or dark,” co-showrunner Rasheed Newson told Entertainment Weekly. “We’re speaking to the moment now, much like the original series did. Young audiences will see in Will and Carlton and Hilary reflections of some of their own clashes with their parents. Each generation has to rewrite the rules.”

Taking over the role of Will Smith from his real life counterpart is Jabari Banks (name coincidental) in one of his first major roles after graduating acting school. While Smith’s shoes are undoubtedly big ones to fill, the crew is confident Banks can make it happen.

“His charisma and his spark just radiated off of him,” co-showrunner T.J. Brady told EW. “Upon viewing the first cut of the pilot, every single person has said, ‘You guys found a star.'”

Bel-Air will premier on Peacock on February 13, 2022.

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