Ways Your Body Language Turns People Off

(Photo Source: Nutshell.com)

It’s all in the body language

Whether it’s your facial expression or the way you’re carrying yourself sometimes it’s nothing you say that turns people away from you. You may not know you’re doing it, but here are 7 ways your body language is making you less approachable.

You may think giving someone a quick smile is enough to seem like you’re nice, but you’re wrong. “Sometimes we tend to ‘flash’ a quick smile that registers as false,” Dr. Carla Marie Manly, a clinical psychologist, and body language expert. Instead of giving a fake smile, try giving a real one that says “hello” without actually having to say it.

When you’re in a new environment or somewhere you don’t feel comfortable crossing your arms is the natural thing to do. However, it sends the message that you are emotionally closed off so try letting your arms just lay by your side.

Some people square their shoulders as a way to look more confident, but the action can come across as combative. “This stance is generally taken on to make someone look physically bigger to scare off an attacker. Instead, relax your shoulders and breathe deeply into your belly.”

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