Millennials Fear Lunch Break ‘Stigma’ More Than Other Generations

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The lunch break is a dying notion in the workplace

Whether older generations want to believe it, Millennials are having a hard time navigating adulthood. The late 80’s and 90’s babies just can’t seem to do anything right, including taking proper lunch breaks.

Earlier this week, Tork, a napkin supplier for the food service industry, released the results of a survey revealing that Millennials wish for “fulfilling, more regular lunch breaks.” However, at the same time worry about the ramifications that lunch breaks compared to other generations.

Tork’s survey showed that Millennials, who are ages 22-38, are three times as likely to believe that Baby Boomers would judge them negatively if they regularly took a lunch break. And yet, 44 percent of Millennials strongly agreed that they look forward to their lunch break versus only 36 percent of Gen Xers.

Though the group is worried about what their older peers think about their break time, the napkin supplier says that they should be more worried about Millennial bosses. Who interestingly enough “were about twice as likely as Gen X bosses to look down on employees who took lunch breaks.”

Tork’s answer is its “Take Back the Lunch Break” initiative, for which they partnered with nutrition expert and TV personality Joy Bauer to hammer that point home. “Choosing to eat a nutritious lunch is only part of the equation to living a healthy life at work,” Bauer said in the announcement. “What you eat matters, but where you eat matters just as much and eating a so-called ‘sad desk lunch’ could make you feel unhappy and less productive.”

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