This Nine-Year-Old Girl Is Your Spirit Animal

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Somone call Apple, we have found your next CEO

If you ask me, most of the worlds most pressing issues could be solved by simply asking a child what they would do. Ok, maybe not the super pressing ones about trade and war and all, but the common day-to-day problems that get under our skin every day. Ya know, like finding parking or the struggle of walking the grocery cart back to the store. Just look at this nine-year-old that went viral for her creative afternoon snack solution.

St. Louis, Missouri mother Valerie Hahn’s Tweet exploded this past weekend as she showed the world her genius daughters invention. To combat classroom hangriness, her daughter emptied out an old tube of chapstick and replaced it with a cheese stick, to inconspicuously eat in class.

If this were my child, she’d be getting quite an allowance raise. This girl is my idol. Now, she can slyly pretend to apply some lip balm in the middle of math but actually enjoy a nice cheesy snack instead. Does this confirm that the future is female? Absolutely. Does it also confirm that we need to listen to our kids rambling ideas more? 100 percent.

Hahn suggests to those interested in recreating her daughters work to definitely start with a well-cleaned out tube of lip balm, unless of course, you’re into that waxy flavor.

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