A ‘Harry Potter’ TV Series Possibly In The Works

(Photo Credit: Warner Bros.)

‘Harry Potter’ franchise to branch out to television

The Harry Potter world is expansive: it consists of various Universal theme parks, an award-winning Broadway show, a new series of films, and now four new e-books that are set to be released. But the Wizarding World is about to get even bigger because a television series based on the world of Harry Potter is likely to become a reality.

According to an anonymous source, Warner Bros. is in the beginning stages of developing a Harry Potter television series. The new show is said to be a prequel to the original series that will likely be developed for Warner Bros. upcoming streaming service.

Other than rumors of a series being developed, no other information has been released.

There are many directions the story can take and many characters the series can focus on. One such idea that has the fans in a whirlwind is the possibility of a series focusing on the Marauders or the Hogwarts founders. Learning the backstories to much of the beloved characters from the Harry Potter books is something readers have always wanted to see.

Although nothing is confirmed yet, it’s probably going to be a while before any definitive announcements about the show are made. In other news though, the next Fantastic Beasts installment has been pushed to 2021.

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