Averie Bishop Crowned Miss Texas America

Credit: Unsplash

Bishop is the first Asian American woman to hold the title.

This week, the Miss Texas America pageant, which determines who will represent the state of Texas at the Miss America pageant, concluded with a victor: Averie Bishop. Bishop is the very first Asian American woman to hold the Miss Texas America title after three consecutive entries.

Bishop is a law school graduate and a popular TikTok user, who primarily uses her platform to promote the importance of diversity. The major message of Bishop’s Miss Texas platform is “Y’all means all.”

“Texas can look like me, and it can look like you,” Bishop said in an interview with Insider.

Bishop plans to begin a brief tour of schools around Texas, where she’ll give speeches about inclusion, diversity, and their importance. “Conversations about racial animosity of violence, of discrimination … need to start at very young ages and children have the capacity to learn and understand how to treat people respectfully,” Bishop said.

“[I want to] teach everyone that anyone can look the way that I do and still be able to live in the state of Texas and succeed in aspiring to their dreams.”

“Many of us have grown up in silos without ever having walked out of our small town to consider different perspectives. When we bring other perspectives in, we become a more fruitful, more colorful and more vibrant community together,” Bishop said.

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