Can We Survive On Titan?

It’s not a planet, but it’s certainly big enough to be one.

Often, mankind has pondered the possibilities of living on the moon. The problem with our moon is that it is a lifeless rock; there’s literally nothing on there, no air, water, foliage, nothing. It’d be pretty hard to set up shop somewhere with no natural resources whatsoever. So if we can’t live on our own moon, why don’t we go live on a different moon?

Credit: Universe Today

The moons of our neighbors in the Solar System are quite different from our own, each housing their own distinctive atmospheres. One particular standout among this crowd is Titan, the largest moon of Saturn. Despite its classification as a “moon,” Titan is actually quite the large customer, beating out the planet Mercury in sheer size and comfortably holding a silver medal as the Solar System’s second largest moon (second only to Jupiter’s moon, Ganymede).

Credit: Planet Pailly

So Titan’s got the size, but does it have the right stuff? Eh… almost? As far as human-compatible planets and moons go, Titan’s atmosphere is the least hostile to us, relatively speaking. There’s no water, unfortunately, but there are weather patterns, as well as lakes of liquid methane, which could be quite a fuel resource. Titan’s atmosphere isn’t breathable since it’s mostly made up of nitrogen and methane. If you wanted to walk around on the surface, you’d need some sort of breathing apparatus with an oxygen tank, but unlike, say, walking around on the Earth’s moon or floating in the vacuum of space, you wouldn’t need an entire pressurized spacesuit. It is stupid cold up there, though, so you would need a good jacket.

Credit: Getty Images

So theoretically, could we live on Titan? The answer is yes, but it’d take a lot of work to make it truly habitable. The methane would give us lots of power, but we’d need a clean source of water. If that could be covered (and if we could get warm jackets shipped en masse), then yeah, we could totally live on Titan. I’m up to volunteer, how about you?

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