Celebrate National Bacon Day Every Day

Credit: National Today

If you’re like Ron Swanson, every day is national bacon day.

For the bacon enthusiasts, the delicious meat comes in many varieties, depending on where it comes from. In the United States, bacon is typically cut from pork belly and the most common form is streaky bacon. There’s also back bacon, which is cut from the loin, slab bacon from the belly, cottage bacon from the shoulder, and middle bacon from the side.

Bacon is very popular here in the States and is used in practically everything from candy to candles and soaps.

Miami takes its bacon just as seriously as it can be used in variety of cuisines, and we all know how diverse the city is when it comes to food.

James Bowers of Miami Smokers and Jason Schoendorfer of Babe’s Meat & Counter told the Miami News Times that there is a guide to making the perfect bacon. One of those steps includes seasoning and preserving the bacon. Curing the bacon with salt is another method as it helps bring out its deep rosy color and allows chefs and butchers more control over the production process. There’s also smoking the bacon, which gives the meat a variety of scents and flavors.

If you’re in the mood for some bacon, whether it’s accompanying something or just on its own, then celebrate the delicious meat by chowing down on it.

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