Chrissy Teigen Laughs Over Altitude Sickness Side Effect

(Photo Credit: Jeff Kravitz/Getty Images)

At least she can have a good time and laugh at herself

Chrissy Teigen is one of the most approachable and comedic social media personalities on the internet today. She is always joking around, and her and hubby John Legend are full-on couple goals. She just seems so damn real. So her latest post on Twitter made light of a pretty unfortunate event.

Shaking chicken wings on her booty and playing practical jokes on John Legend are all commonplace on the social media accounts of Chrissy Teigen. The funny model and television personality is always light-hearted and known for not taking herself or anything else for that matter, too seriously.

In a recent Twitter post, Chrissy posted a picture of a very swollen lip stating “…my lip is about to explode. goodbye world.” The swollen lip was apparently the result of angioedema, which was trigger by altitude sickness.

In true Chrissy Teigen fashion, she went on to ask why her home state would try to poison her and that the host of the wedding that she flew to Utah to attend, should be brought up on murder charges. Here’s to wishing Chrissy and fast recovery and once again applauding her good-hearted nature about everything.

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