Disney Villains Become Anime Boys in ‘Twisted Wonderland’

Credit: Gaming Mobile via YouTube

Disney and anime mix in the strangest ways sometimes.

Fan art has shown us what our favorite Disney princes and villains would look like if they were real people. Well now, the Disney universe of villains becomes more complex as they enter the world of Japanese anime. Back in March, Disney Japan teamed up with Aniplex to release a Japanese mobile game called Twisted Wonderland, which turns a number of different villains of the world of Walt Disney into teenage students who attend a strange academy.

Lion King’s Scar, Alice in Wonderland’s Red Queen, Sleeping Beauty’s Maleficent and more will all be featured in the mobile game. This is not the first time all the bad guys of Disney have assembled in a setting that is outside of their own stories; the characters as well as the good guys of Disney play major roles in the Kingdom Hearts video game franchise, though still as themselves in that case.

Credit: JapanCodeSupply

Twisted Wonderland features the work of Lana Toboso, creator of Black Butler, and is a hybrid visual novel and rhythm game where the player will take on the role of the protagonist who becomes enrolled in a prestigious magic training school as a Prefect. Tasked with a mission of recording memories and the lives of fellow classmates, the protagonist will need to navigate the school and its students to return to their original world.

Currently, Twisted Wonderland is only in Japanese and available overseas.

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