Elizabeth Olsen Discusses Role in MCU

Credit: Unsplash

Olsen doesn’t make a habit of watching her appearances in the franchise.

After getting her start in the Marvel Cinematic Universe in Avengers: Age of Ultron, Elizabeth Olsen’s performance as Wanda Maximoff, AKA the Scarlet Witch, has become an integral piece of the franchise’s overarching plot. From her major success in WandaVision to her co-starring role alongside Benedict Cumberbatch in the newly-released Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, Olsen has become one of the franchise’s most important actors, though if you asked her, she wouldn’t have much to say about it.

“I only signed on to do a couple movies, so it continues to be a surprise when they want to use me for more projects,” Olsen said in an interview with The Independent‘s Jacob Stolworthy. “I’ve been confused by how lucky I got with them wanting to make WandaVision.”

“I’m trying to ignore it and not talk about it, but that’s what’s going on,” Olsen said. “I actually do this thing where I get very comfortable with it not taking up a lot of space in my mind, because it’s safer and I don’t feel as vulnerable.”

Olsen doesn’t have any concerns with the quality of the shows and films she’s participating in, but rather, with the enormous pressure that comes with being a linchpin of one of the largest media franchises in entertainment history.

“When we were doing press for WandaVision, I was mortified because it was the first show from the Marvel universe. There was this total fear, and now I have this pressure all over again connecting to Doctor Strange. I just didn’t have it as part of those ensemble films,” Olsen said, adding that she still hasn’t actually watched WandaVision.

Despite her nervousness, though, Olsen is still on board for whatever the MCU needs her for. “I don’t know how big the plans actually are, but I’m down for anything as long as there’s a good idea attached to it.”

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