Florida Woman Sues Kraft Over Velveeta Preparation Time

Credit: Unsplash

The lawsuit claims the product takes longer than three and a half minutes to prepare.

Typically, in the United States, all microwavable food products have instructions on them for preparation, including an estimate of how long the product should take to prepare. In the case of Kraft’s Velveeta Shells & Cheese microwaveable mac and cheese, the estimated time of preparation is three and a half minutes. For one consumer in Florida, though, this estimation isn’t good enough.

Florida resident Amanda Ramirez has launched a class-action lawsuit against Kraft Heinz Foods Company on the grounds that Velveeta Shells & Cheese takes longer than three and a half minutes to prepare, constituting false advertising. Ramirez is seeking $5 million in damages for this case.

Ramirez’s supposed evidence for her claim is that the instructions say to microwave the product for three and a half minutes. However, factoring in the time it takes to prepare it, including opening packaging, adding water, and stirring, means that it is technically not possible for the product to be ready in that time.

The lawsuit alleges that the prep time is, apparently, a way to justify charging a higher price for the product, and that Ramirez “is like many consumers who seek to stretch their money as far as possible when buying groceries.”

Because of the time disparity, she “paid more for the Product than she would have paid and would not have purchased it or paid less had she known the truth.”

Kraft, obviously, has dismissed the lawsuit as pointless and unnecessary. “We are aware of this frivolous lawsuit and will strongly defend against the allegations in the complaint,” a Kraft Heinz Foods Company spokesperson told CNN.

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