Have a Virtual Netflix Party While Social Distancing

Credit: GameSpot

Movie nights aren’t about to get boring anytime soon.

There’s no need for friends and family to forgo movie nights or TV watch parties. Thanks to a Google Chrome extension called Netflix Party, people can come together virtually and watch their favorite Netflix series right from their computers at the same time. The extension also includes a chat room, so everyone can share their thoughts, comments or concerns about the programs.

To participate, everyone needs a Google Chrome browser. Search up netflixparty.com on Google Chrome and click “Get Netflix Party for free!” The link will then redirect to the Netflix Party page on the Chrome web store. Add the extension and after everything is downloaded, Netflix Party will be added to the top right corner of the Google Chrome browser, next to the address bar.

Other friends will have to have the extension downloaded too if they want to join in on the event.

Credit: Netflix Party/The Los Angeles Times

Using Google Chrome still, go to Netflix.com and play your show or movie of choice. Then click on the “NP” button on the browser, click “Start Party” and then share the URL with the people that want to join the party.

Unfortunately, Netflix Party is only good for the one streaming service. But there are similar platforms that offer the same connection during this time of social distancing. The gaming app Discord allows users to come together to play games and such, and Go Live screen shares any application window or an entire screen.

So, there’s actually a lot more to do online with your friends than watch movies and TV. You can even game with them or do other stuff all from home.


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