Things You Shouldn’t Say to Someone With Chronic Migraines

Migraines are more than a Headache

Suffering from migraines can be tough, but it’s even tougher when people around you don’t understand what you go through with migraine episodes. Here are a couple of things that people who get migraines are sick of hearing.

“It’s just a headache”
For some people, a migraine can feel like a simple headache, but for many, they’re not so fortunate. There are different pain levels, frequency, symptoms, and time periods of how long the migraine can last, with some episodes lasting for hours or even days.

“You’re exaggerating”
Most people will think that suffering from a migraine isn’t that big of an issue and can make it seem that you’re making a huge deal out of something small. It’s not that small of an issue when you’re feeling less than you’re best. Migraines can interfere with and impact a person’s day-to-day life and activities. Having someone make you feel dramatic is the last thing an individual needs during an episode.

“You need to change your diet or treatment”
The only person that should make these judgment calls is a dietician or physician because they know the facts and have more experience dealing with this issue. Not to mention it also is making an assumption based on someone’s body type, which is rude and unnecessary.

“Is it really that bad?”
To help alleviate symptoms of migraines, they have to be in a quiet and dark setting to settle their mind, which can be hard to do sometimes. Some migraines can also be so severe that is causing other debilitating symptoms like vertigo or nausea.

For more on how to better handle talking about or going through migraines, check out the video of Neurologist Dr. Komal Naik above.

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