Injectables Becoming the New Mani/Pedi?

Beauty Industry Making the Biggest Comeback in Post-Pandemic Life

Last year was a challenging year for businesses and individuals alike. In 2020 we quarantined, socially distanced, and wore masks to protect ourselves and our loved ones. As more citizens are vaccinated, and Covid-19 restrictions lift across the nation, many are eager to feel a sense of normalcy again. As we make our way back into social settings, one of the more unexpected industries experiencing the biggest post-pandemic boom is beauty. People are excited to go back into the world after a quick trip to the salons and spas that provide their favorite beauty treatments. The pandemic has brought an appreciation for what was previously an average part of day-to-day life. Some may even be considering new beauty services like botox and filler. Increased celebrity and influencer transparency has put less stigma on cosmetic procedures and has created an awareness and desire for the significant benefits with only minorly invasive methods. Before you take the plunge with fillers, it is crucial to educate yourself on the techniques, risks, benefits, and proper aftercare of these services. The video above briefly explains how to seek the right professional for you and the many options available in today’s injectables.

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