Jared Padalecki Recovering from Severe Car Accident

Credit: Unsplash

The Supernatural actor is, according to his co-star, “lucky to be alive.”

Over the weekend, at a fan convention event for the television series Supernatural, one of the show’s stars, Jensen Ackles, revealed that his co-star, Jared Padalecki, had been caught up in a severe car accident.

“I don’t know if you guys know what’s going on,” Ackles told the crowd at the event. “He was in a very bad car accident. He wasn’t driving, he was in the passenger seat, and he’s lucky to be alive.”

“Keep him in your thoughts, send him some love if you get the chance on social and he’ll be back with us soon,” Ackles added.

The precise details of the incident, such as the extent of Padalecki’s injuries and the state of the crashed car, have not been publicly divulged. However, according to Ackles, Padalecki is currently recovering at home, signifying that his injuries did not require an extended hospital stay. Ackles did note that “the fact that he’s not in a hospital right now is blowing my mind because I saw the car.”

Fans and co-stars have been sending Padalecki well wishes on Twitter using hashtags like #WeLoveYouJaredPadalecki and #GetWellSoonJared.

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