Kate Bush’s ‘Running Up That Hill’ Tops Charts After ‘Stranger Things’ Appearance

Credit: Unsplash

The song has gotten a resurgence after being utilized in a climactic scene.

Last Friday saw the release of the first part of the fourth season of Netflix’s hit supernatural thriller, Stranger Things. Responses to this first batch of new episodes have been positive, with many praising the cinematography and evolving performances of the young cast. Out of all of the positive opinions, though, one major consensus is that the fourth episode is the best one thanks to its climax, which made use of Kate Bush’s 1985 classic, “Running Up That Hill.”

Without actually spoiling the scene, as you really should see it for yourself if you haven’t already, the song was used to impressive dramatic effect in a life-or-death scene between one of the younger cast members, Sadie Sink as Max, and the season’s main villain, culminating in a fantastic dramatic climax. After the release of the new episodes, plays of “Running Up That Hill” began to surge on Spotify and iTunes, to the point that, as of this week, it has become a chart-topper in both the United States and United Kingdom.

In an interview with Vanity Fair, the show’s music supervisor, Nora Felder, explained her reasoning in selecting the song, noting that she needed something that was both dramatic and moving but could also conceivably be enjoyed by a teenager in the 80s.

“The song really needed to resonate with Max’s experience and amplify her need for strength and support at that time,” Felder said. “The more the song marinated in my conscious awareness, I realized this was something that could be special.”

Members of Bush’s original fanbase have, for the most part, expressed happiness with the song’s resurgence, though some jokingly noted that Bush herself will probably be surprised to suddenly be in the limelight again.

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