Lady Gaga Addresses Pregnancy Rumors with Taylor Swift Lyric Reference

Lady Gaga
Credit: Unsplash

Lady Gaga, the Oscar-winning singer and actress, has responded to recent pregnancy rumors with a playful reference to Taylor Swift’s lyrics. Speculation about Gaga’s potential pregnancy began after photos of her at her sister Natali Germanotta’s wedding surfaced over the weekend.

Taking to TikTok on Monday, Gaga, 38, denied the rumors, stating, “Not pregnant—just down bad cryin at the gym.” The comment is a nod to Taylor Swift’s song “Down Bad” from her Tortured Poets Department album. In the video, Gaga can be seen with bright blonde eyebrows, addressing the rumors with her signature humor and style.

In addition to setting the record straight, Gaga used the opportunity to encourage her followers to engage in the upcoming election. Her post urged fans to “register to vote or check if you’re registered,” highlighting the importance of civic participation.

Gaga, who has been in a relationship with entrepreneur Michael Polansky, continues to be a prominent figure both in the entertainment industry and in activism. Her creative response to the rumors showcases her ability to blend personal anecdotes with broader social messages.

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