Jason Sudeikis Asks Travis Kelce When He’ll ‘Make an Honest Woman’ Out of Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift
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America’s hottest couple, Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce, are the subject of intense wedding speculation, with fans and media alike wondering when the pair will officially tie the knot. Actor Jason Sudeikis added fuel to the fire during a comedic skit at Big Slick Celebrity Weekend.

The event, held in Kansas City, Missouri, featured Sudeikis donning a fake mustache, dark glasses, and a Chicago accent for a hilarious segment. He was joined by Robert Smigel and George Wendt—famous for their “Da Bears” sketches on Saturday Night Live—to grill Kelce about his high-profile romance with the pop superstar.

In a video posted on X (formerly Twitter), the trio humorously questioned Kelce about Swift potentially footing the bill for a new football stadium, to which Kelce responded with a definitive, “Ain’t happening.”

The skit took a personal turn when Sudeikis, shedding the comedic pretense, asked the question on everyone’s mind: “Hey Travis, real talk, okay, just the guys here. When are you going to make an honest woman out of her?”

Kelce, known for his humor and charm, took the questions in stride, contributing to the playful atmosphere of the event. The tight end and the pop sensation have been the talk of the town since they were first spotted together, with fans eagerly following every development in their relationship.

Big Slick Celebrity Weekend, an annual charity event, brought together a host of celebrities to raise funds for Children’s Mercy Hospital. The event is known for its mix of comedy, music, and heartfelt moments, and this year’s edition was no exception, especially with the inclusion of such high-profile personalities.

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce’s relationship has been a whirlwind of public appearances and social media buzz. Since they began dating, the couple has been seen supporting each other at various events, fueling speculation about their future together.

In addition to Sudeikis’ humorous probing, the event featured numerous other highlights, including performances, auctions, and interactive sessions with fans. The presence of Swift and Kelce undoubtedly added a layer of excitement and drew significant media attention.

As Swifties and sports fans eagerly await any news of an engagement, the playful banter at Big Slick Celebrity Weekend serves as a reminder of the public’s fascination with celebrity romances. For now, the world will have to wait and see if wedding bells are in the future for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce.


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