Live-Action ‘Pac-Man’ Movie in the Works

Credit: Unsplash

Staff from the live-action Sonic film are involved.

After the surprising success of the live-action Sonic the Hedgehog film, it seems movie studios are once again interested in bringing video game properties to the big screen, specifically in live-action adaptations of their own. While this approach could certain work for some franchises, however, others present a giant question mark, and one of the biggest head-scratchers is undoubtedly Pac-Man.

The Hollywood Reporter announced today that Bandai Namco Entertainment has teamed up with Wayfarer Studios to produce a live-action Pac-Man film. As the project has only just been greenlit, details are still scarce, but apparently the film will be based on a story idea hatched by Sonic the Hedgehog producer Chuck Williams of Lightbeam Entertainment.

Responses to the announcement have been… well, pretty much what you’d expect, with many wondering why the film would be live-action when Pac-Man is an extremely cartoony character. Many users on Twitter have drawn unfavorable comparisons to the 2015 film Pixels, starring Adam Sandler, which also featured the use of Pac-Man in a live action setting.

No official title, potential cast, or release date for the live-action Pac-Man film has been divulged at the time of writing.

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