Looking to Write? These Assisted Living Home Residents are Seeking Pen Pals

Credit: Victorian Senior Care

An assisted living community in North Carolina is looking to connect its residents with people from all over the world.

Victorian Senior Care, which manages 14 facilities in North Carolina, has implemented strict no-visitor protocols to protect their residents from the coronavirus for the past four months. While the residents have been safe and healthy, however, “it has been mentally straining on them not to see family members and loved ones,” Meredith Seals, the chief operating officer of Victorian Senior Care, told CNN.

In an effort to lift the spirits of its residents and help them connect with people, one of the administrators at a facility came up with the idea to match residents with others looking to make friends.

In a Facebook post that quickly went viral, the residents smiled for pictures and held up signs with their names and interests and asked, “Will you be my pen pal?” Staffed also shared the address of where to send the letters. The residents have all sorts of interests, so they can be matched with pretty much anyone.

All mail and packages are sanitized per CDC guidelines before being distributed to the resident.

Credit: Victorian Senior Care

Since the pen pal program started, the residents have been receiving mail from all over the world, including Germany and New Zealand.

For those who are not sure which resident to specifically write to, the Victorian Senior Care facility is also collecting themed packages, which it will distribute to the appropriate residents.

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