Mayonnaise is Getting a New Look in the Form of a Slice

Credit: Bourbon Company

The future is here, and it involves legendary food inventions.

This particular creation was created by Japan’s Bourbon Company. The mayonnaise slice is packed just like an individually wrapped piece of American cheese. However, unlike America where mayo usually goes on a burger or a sandwich, these slices of mayo are not meant to be placed on top of something and consumed right away.

In fact, the manufacturer advises that eating the mayo cold may not be the best option. Instead, the Bourbon Company instructs consumers to put the slice of mayo on bread and then warm it.

While this may sound convenient, Japan’s Bourbon Company is taking is taking their creation to a whole new level. The company is making two flavors of mayonnaise slices: tuna and a spicy tuna flavor.

Yes, you read that correctly: tuna flavored mayo.

A package of each flavors comes with four slices and cost ¥200 (about $1.80). Currently they are only available in Japan.

Credit: Bourbon Company

Mayonnaise is one of the most popular condiments in the world and is widely used in many different countries. While American mayonnaise is probably the most common, Japanese mayonnaise has some stark differences.

While some ingredients are similar to its American counterpart, Japanese mayonnaise utilizes some different ingredients that give it a different flavor and texture. American mayo is usually made from vegetable oil, with water, eggs, distilled vinegar, salt, and sugar. Some companies even add seasoning or lemon juice and Dijon mustard. Japanese mayo also uses vegetable oil and some of the same ingredients, but the Japanese don’t add water. Instead, Japanese mayo uses apple or rice vinegar instead of distilled vinegar, and egg yolks rather than whole eggs.

As a result of using egg yolks and apple or rice vinegar, Japanese mayo is thicker in texture and richer and sweeter in taste. Because of this distinct taste, mayo is used for more than just burgers and fries.

In Japan, there is mayo flavored ice cream and snacks, mayo can be used as a spaghetti sauce and it can even be used as a topping for toast, noodles and pancakes. The Japanese sure do love their mayo!

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