Mike “The Situation” Free

(Photo Credit: AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

After a short prison stint for tax evasion, the Jersey Shore star is back to normal life

A situation no more! Jersey Shore’s Mike Sorrentino, more commonly known as “The Situation” has been released from prison after an eight-month stint.

The legal prosecutions started in September of 2014, when Mike and his brother Marc were indicted for tax evasion after not filing appropriately for their income (a whopping $8 million that were left untaxed). In 2017, the brothers were officially indicted for multiple charges each.

After pleading guilty to the tax evasion and falsified records, Mike was sentenced to eight months of prison and two years of supervised release upon the end of his sentence. Marc was sentenced to two years in prison.

Co-stars Vinny Guagagnino and DJ Pauly D (Pauly DelVecchio) discussed visiting him on an episode of Jersey Shore: Family Vacation, a spinoff series for fans to keep tabs on all their favorites from the Shore.  They each were surprised by the situation (for lack of better words) and wished the best for the Sorrentino’s.

Image credit: ETonline

Now that Mike has served his eight months, he has been released from the Otisville Correctional Institution in New York. In a statement with People he and his wife Lauren discussed what the future looks like for the two of them. “We look forward to continuing our life as husband and wife and working on baby situations!”

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