New Deadly Social Media Challenge Leaving Teenagers Dead

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Chroming: The Deadly Social Media Trend Claiming Teenagers’ Lives

A deadly social media challenge known as “chroming” is claiming the lives of teenagers, with tragic consequences. Recently, a 13-year-old girl from Australia lost her life after inhaling fumes from an aerosol deodorant can during this dangerous trend. Now, her grieving parents are speaking out, determined to prevent further deaths caused by this disturbing social media trend.

Esra Haynes tragically fell victim to chroming while attending a sleepover with friends on March 31. Initially, her friends believed she was experiencing a panic attack, unaware that her body was actually shutting down. Haynes went into cardiac arrest and was urgently transported to the hospital, where she remained on life support for eight agonizing days.

Paul Haynes, the girl’s father, shared their heartbreaking story on the Australian program A Current Affair. Brain scans revealed irreversible damage, leading the family to make the devastating decision to withdraw life support. Now, they are determined to warn other children about the dangers of this increasingly popular social media trend that promises a quick high.

Chroming is not a new phenomenon, and it has claimed numerous lives. The UNSW National Drugs and Alcohol Research Centre reported 164 deaths related to inhalant misuse in Australia between 2000 and 2021, with teenagers accounting for nearly one-third of these cases.

Previous incidents include 16-year-old Chloe Rowe from Queensland, who suffered severe brain damage after sniffing deodorant in 2021. Another 16-year-old Australian boy died a year after inhaling chemicals from a deodorant can.

The term “chroming” originated from sniffing chrome-based paint, but it now encompasses the inhalation of volatile substances like petrol, glue, and solvents as recreational drugs.

According to The Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, initial symptoms after acute exposure may include hallucinations, slowed neurological functions, slurred speech, and loss of muscle control. However, chroming can lead to more severe complications such as brain injury, seizures, difficulty breathing, abnormally fast cardiac rhythm, and even sudden death.

The tragic loss of young lives due to chroming serves as a somber reminder of the dangers associated with this disturbing trend. It is crucial for parents, educators, and society as a whole to raise awareness about the deadly consequences of these social media challenges and work together to protect vulnerable teenagers from falling victim to these harmful practices.

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