New Monolith Discovered in California

Credit: Unsplash

If this turns out to be a marketing stunt, I’m going to be upset.

Last week, a strange metal monolith was discovered in the deserts of Utah by a group of Public Safety officers counting bighorn sheep. Nobody was sure who put it there or why, but there was a discussion underway as to whether or not the strange installation warranted an investigation. That discussion was swiftly put on hold when the monolith not only mysteriously vanished, but another, nearly identical monolith appeared in Romania near the town of Piatra Neamt. The Romanian monolith had some subtle differences to the Utah one, so it very well could’ve just been a coincidence, though it too vanished on Tuesday. With a new discovery made today, we’re officially in eyebrow-raising territory.

A third metal monolith, similar in construction to the Utah and Romanian monoliths, has appeared on Pine Mountain in Atascadero, California. The monolith was discovered by local hiker Ray Johnson, a frequent walker of the mountain trail, who insists that the monolith was not there when he passed by on Tuesday. Much like the previous monoliths, the California monolith is about 10 feet tall and weighs approximately 200 pounds, though one notable difference is that it is not buried in the ground. The monolith is merely propped up on its bottom surface, and can be knocked over without much effort.

According to Google Earth data scanned by Insider, the Utah monolith had actually been sitting in its spot for a good five years before being discovered. Some have theorized that the Utah monolith was an art installation placed by US artist John McCracken, but McCracken has been dead since 2011. Even if he had placed the monolith before his death, it doesn’t explain where these new monoliths are coming from or for what purpose they’re being placed, aside from the possibility of just being for laughs.

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