New Nintendo Switch Game is for Those who Miss Their Office

Credit: Nintendo

Good Job! is for the paper pushing lover.

The popularity of the Nintendo Switch has given many indie game developers the opportunity to debut their games on the platform, but for gamers, it means more top-notch titles to play during this time of social distancing.

Developed by Paladin Studios, Good Job! is an office-based action-puzzle game that makes players perform a variety of tasks in the office from fixing the internet to cleaning goo leaks. The game can be played both single-player and co-op, but every person will need to navigate the office and tactfully solve all office issues without causing a lot of damage.

Played from an isometric perspective, you will play as the bumbling child of a powerful CEO completing assigned tasks from a variety of different departments. Finance needs a new projector? Better bring it to the conference room asap. Internet connection not working? Better fix that problem in good timing. Everything from clipboards to desks to water coolers can be picked up, dragged or pushed around, leaving nothing standing in your way from accomplishing your goal.

Credit: Nintendo

It might not replace the real office environment, but it’s a nice change to actually pushing papers or re-watching The Office for the tenth time. The game provides all the humor and over-the-top antics to leave players laughing, frustrated and excited to take on the next puzzle.

If the game seems too easy for you, there are a number of other titles available on the Switch. Love cooking and want to yell at your friends for burning the rice? Try playing Overcooked! 2, the chaotic cooking game that kneads (pun intentional) players to work together as team of chefs to take on every food genre from sushi to pizza.

It’s never been a better time to sit at home and fire up that Nintendo!

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