Nintendo Announces OLED Switch

Credit: Unsplash

The console will feature an improved display and some tweaked features.

Prior to E3 a few weeks ago, rumors abounded that Nintendo was going to announce a new and improved version of the Nintendo Switch. The so-called “Nintendo Switch Pro” would allegedly feature a bigger, sturdier display, as well as a souped-up processor and graphics card to facilitate bigger and better gameplay. Even after E3, though, the rumored upgrade never came to be, and everyone started to just write it off as a bogus rumor. However, it turns out that Nintendo really did have a new Switch to share with us, though not quite the one that was rumored.

Nintendo announced today that they will be releasing an improved Nintendo Switch model on October 8, just in time for the holiday shopping season. This new model doesn’t have an official name to separate it from the normal Switch model, but it does feature several distinctions. Its first and foremost change is the 720p OLED screen, which according to Nintendo, boasts a much clearer display than the LCD screen of the base model. The new Switch also features 64 GB of onboard storage, as well as a built-in wired LAN port in the system dock for those who prefer hardline internet connections. The new model is also slated to feature “improved audio,” though details on this were kept light. Finally, the upgraded model features a massively improved kickstand in the form of a sturdy, console-spanning flap with adjustable angles.

Unfortunately, it seems the rumors about improved processors and graphical capabilities were only rumors. As far as Nintendo has revealed, the new Switch doesn’t feature any upgrades to its processing capabilities, and the included Joy-Cons are identical to the base model ones. If you use your Switch in the Nintendo Labo mounts, Nintendo has also warned that the new console may not fit as well as the old one.

The updated Switch will release on October 8 for $349.99. It’ll be available with the usual neon red and blue Joy-Cons with a black dock, as well as two white Joy-Cons and a white dock.

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