Heinz Petitions for Equal Hot Dogs and Buns

Credit: Unsplash

Nobody deserves to eat a hot dog on a slice of white bread.

I love hot dogs. I’d go as far as to call them one of my favorite foods, though they are best enjoyed in moderation. When the urge strikes me for one, I’ll spring for a pack of my favorites, as well as a bag of my favorite potato long rolls. Thing is, though, due to the way hot dogs and buns are packaged, there always seems to be an imbalance between dogs and buns, either leaving you with a naked hot dog or a dog-less bun. It’s tragic, really, which is why Heinz is petitioning to have this imbalance settled once and for all.

Heinz has launched “The Heinz Hot Dog Pact” over on Change.org, an official petition directed at bun and hot dog packaging companies requesting that they formally decide on a balanced number of buns and dogs to include in their products.

“Hot dog wieners come in packs of 10. Hot dog buns come in packs of 8. WHY?!” the official description asks. “As the condiment that has been bringing foods together for over 150 years, we’ve decided enough is enough. That’s why we started the Heinz Hot Dog Pact. We’re calling on Big Bun and Big Wiener companies to find the answer to this hot dog packaging mismatch, once and for all. We need your signatures more than ever. Let’s change hot dog history together.”

At the time of writing, the petition has accrued an impressive 4,706 signatures.

“I’ve been left short on either buns or hot dogs on more than one occasion. Eating a hot dog on a slice of bread just isn’t the same as a form fitting bun,” one signer writes.

“It’s frustrating having to buy more than you need. Let’s eliminate waste,” writes another.

“We know there must be a better way. We believe that the time for change is now and we are hopeful,” says Daniel Gotlib, associate director of brand building and innovation for the Kraft Heinz Co. “As the iconic condiment that has been making hot dogs complete for over 150 years, we saw an opportunity to champion this issue on behalf of hot dog lovers across North America and help show manufacturers why they need to put an end to unequal packs.”

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