New Nintendo Switch Trailer Spawns Memes and Confusion

Credit: Unsplash

A man playing his Switch in a random hallway has prompted numerous raised eyebrows.

Earlier in the week, Nintendo announced the upcoming release of a new model of the Nintendo Switch console. This updated model, among other little tweaks, features an OLED screen in lieu of the regular model’s LCD screen, giving it a clearer, cleaner picture when playing handheld. In tandem with the announcement, Nintendo released a brief sizzle trailer to tout the console’s benefits. However, one aspect of that trailer has prompted some amusement and confusion on social media.

At one point in the trailer, a man walks in through his front door, drops his keys on a small table and immediately plops down on a small bench in his hallway, pulls out his OLED Switch, and begins playing a Pokémon game. A Twitter user by the name of Chris Compendio pointed out the mild strangeness of this moment, saying “The most absurd scenario in the Nintendo Switch OLED trailer was when a man walks into his home and just decides that the hallway is the best place for him to play Pokémon.”

This comment bloomed into a massive retweet thread with numerous other users speculating on this man’s reasoning for playing in his hallway, as well as cracking a few jokes. At time of writing, Chris Compendio’s original tweet has drawn 2,633 retweets and 27,000 likes.

Interestingly, several users actually admitted to doing this kind of thing themselves with their Switches, whether because they’re excited enough to play games when they get home that they can’t wait to get to the living room or they just enjoy playing games in nontraditional spots like on the floor.

The OLED Switch model will be releasing on October 8, 2021. If you don’t play handheld mode, you can buy the new system dock separately and use it with a traditional Switch console.

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