Northeastern United States Experiences Major Snowstorm

Credit: Unsplash

Some areas received over two feet of snow.

This morning, multiple states along the east coast of the United States, and especially those in the northeast, were subject to a powerful winter storm. States closer to the coastline such as New York and Connecticut have already received up to two feet of snow, accompanied by wind chills and freezing rain. The storm originally started in the southeast, moving up the coastline and becoming more severe as local temperatures dropped.

“We’ve had a very strong area of low pressure that’s kind of moved up the coast, with pretty heavy snowfall accumulations from Tennessee, North Carolina all the way into the northeast,” said College Park, Maryland meteorologist Marc Chenard.

The weather conditions have had adverse affects both near and far. Air travel in the affected states has been severely impacted, with over 1,2000 flights cancelled outright due to the snow and wind. Along the east coast, 217,089 residents of South Carolina, North Carolina, West Virginia, Georgia, and Pennsylvania have lost power. Drivers have been advised to remain at home as much as possible, though the National Guard has been deployed in several states in order to facilitate relatively safe travel along the roads.

“They’re equipped with emergency response vehicles that can move through the snow,” North Carolina Governor Roy Cooper said on Sunday. “As much as 8 to 12 inches of snow has fallen in some counties, and significant icing is causing trouble in the central part of the state.”

Temperatures in the northeast are expected to remain below freezing until Wednesday at the earliest.

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