People are Obsessing Over ‘Creamy Coffee’ on TikTok

Credit: TikTok/newt120

Take your morning coffee routine to the next level with this new concoction!

Sure, scrolling on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram is fun, but have you downloaded TikTok yet? If not, then you’re missing out, especially when it comes to this latest cooking and food hacks.

Currently known as “creamy coffee,” many people, whether they are experts in the kitchen or not, are getting in on this delicious new trend. The mixture involves combining ingredients together that give the coffee a semi-solid form, similar to the consistency of freshly whipped cream.

The “creamy coffee” is extremely easy to make. Using equal parts instant coffee grounds, white sugar and hot water, whisk the ingredients until frothy. From there, fill a cup with ice and your preferred milk or creamer, and top it off with your freshly whisked creamy coffee.

Credit: Emi Boscamp/TODAY

If you’re the curious type and wondered where this style of coffee originated from, it started out as a viral trend in South Korea known as “dalgona coffee.” The name derives from dalgona batter, a popular Korean toffee.

The best thing about this delicious drink is that the coffee can be subbed out for hot chocolate powder if you don’t want caffeine.

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