What Kind of Pokémon Are You?

Credit: The Pokémon Company

How do you do the things you do?

With the release of new Pokémon games, as well as the beginning of a new anime series, Pokémon has once again been thrust into the public eye. Many young adults (myself included) grew up with Pokémon, and even if we no longer follow the franchise in earnest, it will always have a special place in our hearts. I still miss my first Blastoise. And my Starraptor, and my Krookodile, and- uh, sorry.

The most important aspect of a Pokémon that characterizes it is its type. Pokémon are divided into 18 types that determine not only their elemental affinities and abilities, but also their temperaments and habitats. Just knowing a Pokémon’s primary type can usually give you a good framework to determine how it lives its life. Since covering all 18 would take too long, answer a few questions for us, and we’ll determine which of a select few types you fall into.

  • How Do You Typically Solve Problems in Your Life?

    • Let things work themselves out
    • Logic out the most optimal solution
    • Go at it full throttle
    • Carefully consider your options
    • Try lots of different things at once
  • What Kind of Animal Do You Most Identify With?

    • Monkeys
    • Mice
    • Lizards
    • Fish
    • Deer
  • Where’s Your Favorite Place to Spend Time?

    • A forest
    • A beach
    • A big city
    • A library
    • A gym
  • What Really Annoys You?

    • Being too hot
    • Creepy things
    • Static electricity
    • Getting dirty
    • Getting wet
  • Pick a Color!

    • Red
    • Green
    • Blue
    • Yellow
    • Purple

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