Nintendo Switch Gets Pokémon TV Streaming App

Credit: Unsplash

Relive your favorite moments of Ash’s endless journey.

Since 1997, the Pokémon TV show (which I guess is technically an anime, but it feels weird to think of it like that) has been a staple of Saturday morning children’s entertainment. I used to have a VHS tape of first few episodes, and I watched it over and over again until it wore out. Whether you’re an old-school fan or young recent entrant, there’s a season of Pokémon for everyone, and now there’s a place where you can watch it (mostly) freely.

The Nintendo Switch has received a new streaming app on its eShop. No, it’s not Netflix, despite fan demand. It’s Pokémon TV, a platform for streaming not just clips of the Pokémon show, but even entire seasons. Pokémon TV has been around as a web app since 2010, but this is the first time it’s made the jump to a gaming platform for the purpose of streaming. The app features several seasons of the show, available to stream in entirety. You can also watch some of the animated specials like Pokémon: Twilight Wings and Pokémon Origins.

For fans of the games, there’s also footage of competitive Pokémon tournaments, as well as trading card game tournaments. If you’ve got any little trainers in your family, the app also features Pokémon themed sing-a-longs and nursery rhymes. There are no ads or fees; all content on the platform is 100% free to stream and watch, so you can feel free to leave the little ones with it without worrying about them abusing your credit card information. The only catch is that the available episodes change periodically, so if there’s a season or episode you want to watch right now, you should probably go ahead and get started on that.

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