Mountain Dew to Sell ‘Flamin’ Hot’ Variety

Credit: Unsplash

For those who just really, really enjoy intestinal distress.

I can’t drink Mountain Dew anymore, as I’ve long-since lost my youthful tolerance of obscene amounts of caffeine, but I enjoy seeing all of the wacky new flavors they come up with and the amusingly detailed discourse that follow them. Almost every flavor of Dew has both its lovers and detractors, but starting next week, they’ll be releasing a flavor that, at least based on a cursory glance at Twitter, no one is especially enthused about.

Starting August 31, you can log on to Mountain Dew’s online Dew Store and order cans of the drink’s new Flamin’ Hot flavor. No, you did not read that incorrectly: they are selling spicy soda, presumably flavored in a similar manner as the aggressively citrus-y Flamin’ Hot Cheetos. Remember, both the Mountain Dew and Cheetos brands are owned by PepsiCo, so it makes sense that there could be some crossover between the two. Though admittedly, I think I would’ve expected cheese-flavored Mountain Dew before this.

“As a brand, DEW has a rich history of experimenting with new flavors our fans love. We certainly had them in mind when we developed the FLAMIN’ HOT beverage,” said Matt Nielsten, senior director of marketing at PepsiCo, in a press release. “This is one of our most provocative beverages yet, and we’re excited for DEW Nation to taste the unique blend of spicy and classic sweet citrus flavor of MTN DEW.”

In addition to the launch of the drink, Mountain Dew is also partnering with apparel brand Broken Promises to release a line of Flamin’ Hot-inspired clothes, including shirts, pants, and hoodies. These clothes will be available for Broken Promises subscribers early on September 3, followed by a general public release the following day. Frankly, it might be worth getting a shirt, just so you can say you were alive for this… interesting little experiment.

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