Who’s Your Favorite Film Villain?

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No story is complete without a proper antagonist. Whether they’re some kind of supernatural horror or just some random shlub with a lot of wits and resources, a proper villain is what makes the trials of fiction worth enduring.

Whether you want to or not, I’m sure you all have at least one villain you have at least a little affection for (or childhood nightmares, either or). Take our quiz, and we’ll take a stab at which one’s your favorite.

  • What Do You Consider Scariest?

    • Something you can’t understand
    • Cruelty
    • Something you can’t fight
    • Supervillains
    • A cult of personality
  • You See A Frightening Poster! What’s On It?

    • A large man with a sharp object
    • An evil wizard
    • A seemingly normal person with an evil expression
    • A bald dude
    • A clown
  • What Is Most Important In Life?

    • Money
    • Power
    • Money and Power
    • Food
    • Fairness
  • What’s The Most Important Meal Of The Day?

    • Breakfast
    • Lunch
    • Dinner
    • Dessert
    • Midnight Snack
  • What Weapon Would Be Most Effective Against The Forces of Evil?

    • Words
    • A slingshot
    • Magic
    • A gun
    • Anything and everything

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