ZaZa: The Dancing Four-Year-Old Baddie

(Photo Source: YouTube)

This four-year-old is all you need to get through to the weekend

Kid dancer ZaZa has taken over social media for her incredible moves, adorable personality, and endless sass. She was invited to sit down with legendary hip-hop dancer tWitch on The Ellen DeGeneres Show to discuss dancing, her favorite moves, life as a four-year-old superstar, and movies. The clip was released as a tease for season 17 of the talk show.

I cannot stress this enough. You need to watch this video. And then send it to 10 people. And save it for a rainy day. Or a bad day. Or for when you need to polish up some moves for a wedding or party.

ZaZa, formerly known as Zahara Noel, says she’s been dancing for just a couple weeks, but her viral videos gained major attention back in May when Complex shared posts from her own Instagram account. She’s definitely the next Beyonce, admitting to tWitch that her personality is “bad and boujee with an extra *hair flip* edge” and when asked who her favorite rapper is she, of course, responded “me”. She performed to Chance the Rapper’s new hit “Hot Shower” and honestly shook the world.

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