Summer Gets Cooler with Jack Daniel’s Bottled Jack and Cola

Credit: PikFly

Sometimes, the summer heat just calls for cracking into a cold one.

Summer cocktails hit differently, and the new bottled Black Jack Cola by Jack Daniel’s is just the light and sweet boozy drink you need to sip away under the beaming sunshine.

Similar to a whiskey cola, the Tennessee Malt Beverage features the classic taste of Jack Daniel’s whiskey mixed with sweet Cola and just a touch of delicious, refreshing lemon-lime flavor.

It is the “portable, convenient way to enjoy one of America’s favorite flavor combinations,” according to the drink’s overview on Total Wine. The drink is sold as a six-pack, and each bottle contains 4.8 percent ABV. Local liquor stores and retailers like Aldi and Walmart are selling the beverage at an average of $7 per pack.

Credit: Mix That Drink

The drink has received stellar reviews from many patrons. For those that like to pair their drinks with food, consider these yummy items to go along with the divine amber colored liquid. Dark chocolate and whiskey complement each other quite well; aged cheese makes a good paring with the drink; grilled steaks never get boring and the taste works really well with the drink.

You don’t have to be a food connoisseur or go out to a fancy bar to enjoy the simple things in life.

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