Texas Accidentally Sends Amber Alert for Chucky

Credit: Unsplash

The evil doll, not the baby.

If you’ve never worked in an office before, you may not know this, but office workers have a tendency to make silly jokes when they’re not interacting with users. Sometimes, when testing systems and features for example, they’ll just send random memes or dumb pictures to each other. It’s just a test, so it’s not like anyone is gonna see it, right? Well, normally yes, but it becomes a bit of a snafu when everyone does see it.

Last week, an Amber Alert went out from the Texas Department of Public Safety. As Amber Alerts signify child abductions, this normally would be no laughing matter. However, when Texas residents read the Amber Alert, they were a little confused, as the suspect of the abduction was identified as a 3’1″ doll in a pair of overalls brandishing a kitchen knife. Yep, it was Chucky, the infamous murder doll antagonist of the Child’s Play horror movie franchise. His “victim” was Glen Ray, the protagonist of 2004’s Seed of Chucky.

According to DPS personel, this was just an inside joke intended for testing purposes that wasn’t meant to hit the public eye. “This was actually a test we were running on a dev server and it accidentally went out,” Ruben Medina of DPS told Houston’s KPRC-TV.

This mildly silly situation drew some good natured chuckles from Twitter, with an especially prolific one coming from none other than Don Mancini, the writer who originally created the Chucky character. He tweeted a picture of the alert with the caption “PLEASE FIND THEM, @TiffnyMovieStar AND I ARE FRANTIC. PLEASE NOTE: THE KID IS NON-BINARY, THANKS.”

Ultimately, it was just a harmless joke, and no one got hurt over it. It is a relief to know, though, that if Chucky really did rise again, local authorities would be on it quickly.

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